Updating tomtom 340 s

05-Jan-2019 06:38

updating tomtom 340 s-8

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Also, the first time I used it took some time to get signal, but it seems that now is faster.

I had an older version of Tom-Tom XL 330S 1GB memory I purchased back in 2008, It decided to malfunction recently with errors and looping, customer service tried to help me and we tried everything.

If you want an easily readable, customizable unit that does an almost perfect job of guiding you, without frills like bluetooth and mp3 ability, this is IT!

I wouldn't be concerned about the lack of expandable memory...there's plenty, and by removing voices that you'll never use I'm not sure how it would ever be an issue.

I'm pretty tech savvy and have used different GPS devices in the past. these customized items and map corrections are so small: tiny to 0.5 Mb that with 125 Mb free, you can keep updating for years to come.

I chose Tomtom over Garmin mainly due to tomtom HOME support, better user interface: tomtom has more info on the screen including the street name you're driving on. Pros: 4.3 inch screen, great routing, advanced lane guidance (it does work well), IQ route (faster route based on historical traffic data), very quick GPS fix Hello All, It definitely does the job, especially for the price :) I gave it a 3 stars because it sometimes is stubborn in making me go through the roads it wants.

It also does detach if you want to just put the unit in your pocket.

just keep DAVE, and Susan computer voices( you need at least one computer voice for spoken street names). after you're done, you still have 125 Mb extra to download customized items, map corrections in the future.

you can back up then delete all foreign computer voices (recorded voice files are small, so doesn't matter).

Of course I saw all the reviews talking about the map update problem.

I decided to email tom tom to get their take on it.I needed no additional mounts, and bought a camera case at Wal Mart for that held the cords and unit perfectly.The only pain is the somewhat "weird" attached mount.Though this Tom-Tom XL340S is discontinued, but there are other Tom-Tom XL models out there.

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