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23-Nov-2018 08:26

Only children will spend a lot of time on their lonesome.

No parent has time to spend all day with his or her child and wouldn’t choose to do so even if he or she did; parents want some time to themselves just like every other person.

Our childhoods influence our adult selves immensely.

The way we’re raised, by whom we’re raised and with whom we’re raised makes all the difference. Personally, I have sisters, but I have dated several only-child women, and I have to say… They have a distinct combination of a need for independence and dependence that I haven’t encountered anywhere else.

Everybody likes a bit of attention, but only children tend to crave it more.Experience has taught me, however, that the exact opposite often proves to be true.What this does mean is that you have a partner who knows how to enjoy his or herself during sex -- should make it better for the both of you.Being an only child often forces you to rely more on your imagination, which matures into creativity with age.

Jul 5, 2012. So what about the middle child? According to Darwinian theory, they lose out as they are neither the precious, able, oldest, nor the vulnerable youngest. Their strength is that they learn to be more flexible and sociable, to compromise and build coalitions. 'Middle children tend to be more relaxed,' says.… continue reading »

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