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Dermot Mulroney wife name is Tharita Catulle and they are happily married since 2008.

Also, know about his past relationships with his ex girlfriend or wife.

Is that at all similar to how you met your wife in real life?

In the film, the Carrolls met precisely during that time and Bonnie said to me, "The moment I heard his voice I knew that was the man I would love for the rest of my life." The love story between those two was epic.

Your character gets married—what did you think when you read that in the script?

Well, the script is based on true events, but really getting to know my storyline, I got to meet the widow of the man I portray (he died in a plane wreck after the time that this story takes place).

She kindly showed me the love letters they exchanged after they met and other writings of his.

It's amazing that she would open her heart and share like that.

I went from a heart-warming, family type movie to a grueling, outdoor survival thriller.Maybe I didn't need to hear it in words if I saw it in action.That's probably the best dad advice I've received.My own storyline is different, but just as epic in my mind, but it's not the kind of thing I think you'd make a movie about. Ryan Gosling: "I Think I'm A Pretty Weird-Looking Guy"You've been in so many romantic comedies, action films & dramas. I've been one of those lucky actors who's had the opportunity to do a wide variety of movies, so I wasn't always pigeon-holed.

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For me, that's better than just being a romantic comedy actor.I got to know Bonnie Carroll, who Vinessa Shaw portrays in the film, and she's the most extraordinary woman.She had so much love and honor for her husband, and she has such clear memories of what happened.It's a movie that won't lose its "thing," whatever it's got.