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They all wear identical necklaces with a center bead which is a microphone that has a wire that connects to a wireless audio transmitter hidden in the satchel. Each survivalist is allowed to bring one helpful item, such as a hatchet or a fire starter.At the beginning on the fourth season, the survivalists were given a third "surprise" item.

Naked and Afraid computes and then updates the cast members' PSR (Primitive Survival Rating), which is based on predictions and observations of survival fitness in skill, experience, and mental strengths.A team is allowed to "tap out" at any point during the 21-day challenge.If they do not tap out, they must arrive at the designated extraction point on the final day to be picked up by a helicopter or boat or other vehicle suitable to the environment.Panama was used as a setting twice in the first and fifth seasons, Nicaragua was also used twice as well in the third season.

Like the first season, the second season visited six countries as well, using Malaysia as a setting once again (Season 1 shot on the Malaysian Borneo, while Season 2's survivalists were stranded in Peninsular Malaysia).But that doesn't stop them from hunting gold in one of the world's most inhospitable places - the bottom of the frozen Bering Sea.The most wanted man on the planet, Pablo Escobar, buried his billion-dollar fortune all over Colombia. Two former CIA officers, armed with the skills and training, go on the hunt for the alleged hidden treasure in this all-new series.If the management was offered a show where the people were naked they would say no.