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Jerry brought equipment mock-ups to make sure everything would fit through the pyramid passages.Ahmed Fakhry arranged for the joint Pyramid Project to occupy a modern building near the Second Pyramid's Belzoni entrance.It had been his home and office when he was chief inspector of pyramids.We converted it into a combined office and shop complete with electronic instrumentation and machine tools.

Using naturally occurring cosmic rays, his scheme was to place spark chambers, standard equipment in the high-energy particle physics of this time, beneath the second pyramid of Chephren in a known chamber.Many of the false gods of Egypt were given Greek names.Horus was called Zeus and Isis was known as Athena.But Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs The Greek historian Herodotus (484–425 BC) mentioned underground tunnels under the Giza Plateau.

The Roman geographer Strabo reported a movable stone, high up on one of the faces of the Pyramid, which allowed access to the Descending Passage.I have long been a member of the board of directors of Hewlett-Packard.Because of Bill Hewlett's interest in the joint Pyramid Project, Hewlett-Packard made a gift of the electronic equipment.The National Geographic Society contributed substantial unrestricted funds, as did my friend Bill Golden.

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