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16-Jul-2018 11:03

But before I could even finish she gave me some unsolicited dating advice.She told me that my dating problems stemmed from being an alpha female who wanted to be with an alpha male.(Not that my friend asked.) Part of me wondered if this was how people I dated saw me: the woman who is in charge of it all.I was a little worried, so I decided to dig deeper.Socialization, the dating world and the entertainment industry are the sole reasons the pop culture adaptation of Alpha and beta lives on.

She’s in charge, likes control and doesn’t care for your sappy emotions.Dominant behaviors (the ones that are typically alpha) are situational and vary depending on the animal or the person.Also, (unsurprisingly) human brains are a little different from wolf brains.We can be dominant or passive in our behaviors, depending on the situation and the person we are interacting with.

Most of us have a combination of both alpha and beta (masculine and feminine, yin and yang).The archetypal alpha and beta are great for storytelling.It’s the fantastical screenplay about the man or woman on a mission, the lone warrior, the “my way or the highway” who is our solid alpha.She had been off my radar for many years finding herself and her purpose.