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Due to the hydraulic expansion process of manufacture, these instruments are perfectly proportioned, and accurate intonation is therefore invariably obtained.The inside of the tubing is smooth as glass, having been "ironed out" by pressure of 10,000 pounds or more, and as a result the softest pianissimo passages, encountering little resistance, can be played with great effect.However, their dates of manufacture were suppose to start in 1924.Only the serial number of the following horn places it at 1919.

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A catalog refers to it as "New Invention Giant or Contra Eb Basses" 3 valves 5, 4 Valves 7!

Art Deco style but these horns were “peashooters” (longer with a smaller bore). It has a 24" bell, an 7 3/8" bell collar interior diameter, and a .734 bore.

Through the years many companies have manufactured, imported, and distributed bugles. In 1933, Rexcraft was purchased by “Buglecraft.… continue reading »

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Help solve the mystery of the Troop 938 Boy Scout bugle. Rexcraft began distributing official bugles for the Boy Scouts of America in 1919 and.… continue reading »

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Full size 1930's Boy Scout bugle made by Rexcraft identical to the military version except. Sometimes these bugles are referred to as. dating back to the.… continue reading »

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Rexcraft "Official Boy Scout" bugle in G/F. Unlaquered brass, slide can be pulled out to play in key of F. Bought this when I was about 11 years old;.… continue reading »

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A Reference Guide to the Most Common Collectible Bugles. the company used to be called Rexcraft. The M1892 bugles are pitched in the key. Many bugles with.… continue reading »

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