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10-Jan-2019 11:37

She prefers “Bernie.” She is hard at work […] Ernesto is a 50 year old, 6’bank president.He runs a small town bank but it’s very successful because of his education. His sweetie and lover is Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers to be called.She dropped me in front of the airport and headed home.I watched as she left and walked back to a waiting taxi and said, “Ok Frank, lets do this.” The beacon in her car showed […] It’s the 1970’s.Bernie was notified she had earned her Masters Of Science Degree. Lunch time she calls her other lover from the phone booth.[…] Bernadette or “Bernie” as she prefers is having lunch in the hospital cafeteria with Joan and Lydia. She called to tell him she would not be able to see him after work.

Ernesto […] My wife is 5ft two, 65 years old, great firm petite body and looks as if she is 50.Joan tells the girls her husband Gene has filed for divorce. She found out he met an 18 year old girl and wants to marry her. Joan said she tried to […] It all started at a coffee shop where he and I had breakfast almost every morning. The following are […] Ernesto is back to work after his vacation in the Bahamas. Sometime later I began a relationship with Christine and between the two of us we had 6 children.

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