Who is natalie morales dating

14-Jul-2018 15:32

In 2003, she was named one of Hispanic Magazine’s Top Trendsetters.Natalie went on to do cover stories Presidential election, Summer Olympics, Iraqi prisoner abuse, and other such events.They are enjoying their romantic married life with no news of divorce and fight.As like many other marriages, the couple also faced some bad times in their relationship.But there was not always a happy moment in this couple life.They went through a dilemma when they lost their child due to the miscarriage.The lady with the gorgeous smile who is the News Anchor of the Today Show is in happy space in her married life.Till now, I think you have already guessed the name. I am talking about the News Anchor and Journalist Natalie Morales.

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The couple is living happily together, and there seem to be no rumors of divorce.

After her graduation in 1990, she went on to attend Rutgers University where she went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Latin American studies. Natalie Morales-Rhodes net worth proves her hard work and prominence in the field of journalism.