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This doesn't mean there won't be pockets of resistance," he said.

"But the tide is definitely shifting."Jimi Olmstead and Jim Harland were married in Los Angeles in 2008.

"I'm not less than that couple or that couple or that couple.

I won't have to say, 'She's my partner.' I can say, 'She's my wife.'"She held Ortiz's face in her hands during the brief ceremony, which was filled with smiles and tears.

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Right behind them were David Larance, 36, and Kevin Patterson, 31, who were married within minutes of receiving their license outside an office of the county clerk of the Superior Court.Patterson was in such a rush that he arrived from the gym without the wedding ring for his spouse. John Dorhauer, quickly slipped off his own ring to use as a substitute.Across Arizona, court clerks took the historic step of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.They have been together for 41 years, most of which was lived in silence for fear of losing their jobs as elementary-school teachers in Connecticut.

They only recently broke their silence, and they attribute that to a local choir group they joined and Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner. Terry Sims, who married couples in front of the Surprise courthouse, said it was a bold new day for justice and civil rights in Arizona."The trend has been in favor of gay marriage for a number of years.Howard Grodman, a judge in the Flagstaff Justice Court, ended with slightly new wording."Now, by the authority that was newly vested in me today, by the state of Arizona, I pronounce you spouses."Two dozen observers hooted and hollered. Delle Mc Cormick, senior minister of Rincon Congregational Church, arrived at Pima County Superior Court at about 10 a.m.with the intention of marrying as many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples as possible.They met 38 years ago in a gay bar in West Hollywood.