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19-Oct-2018 19:54

She's my bitc-" Max started, but a gesture of the dreaded feather duster made him correct himself. Well, there's this thing called internet dating…"The next day, Max and Lin were waiting in Max's mansion."I mean, she's my girlfriend."At that point another starglass light appeared over Max's head, and Monica fell down onto the boy and started slapping him."Max, you jerk! "Lin started hissing something that sounded like "Oh if only Master Crest were here. Max was close to peeing himself."I hope this works.Now you just need to check 'em out and see which one you want."Monica cursed and struggled some more, but Elaine ignored her and grabbed a microphone, transforming into some sort of gameshow host."Now then, to start we have a resident of Palm Brinks who describes himself as artistic in the extreme!" a huge carpet made of flashing lights rolled out of the dining room, the entrance of which was covered by a red curtain.

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Out of the mine came Max's travelling/combat companion."Hang on," Elaine stopped chasing Max so that she could observe the newcomer. "Indeed, Lin came tromping out of the mine, looking dejected because a bottle of tasty water had smashed on her head and washed all the food colouring out of her hair, leaving it brown and looking rather stupid in its soaking wet, elaborate bunches."Oh if only Master Crest were here.

Online dating is a multi-billion dollar industry that capitalizes on people who are all looking for the same thing: love.

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