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When interviewed, Parcell admitted downloading the offensive material.He explained he had used the Kik app and internet chat rooms for at least the past year to source the content and admitted he knew it was wrong.She said: "Sometimes I'd just rather eat more... With less than a week of school to go, some parents in the small town of Onalaska, WA, are keeping their kids out of school to protest what they feel was a too-explicit sex ed class taught by their local school's principal.Then, there are the head-scratching tattoos that use body parts in the design, including nipples, armpits, and belly buttons.One grotesque tat see's a man's belly button filling in as a cat's anus, while another positioned his ink so his left nipple would fill in as a man's eye.

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''The accessibility young people have to this type of material is something that parents ought to discuss with them and be vigilant about,'' he said.''We all need to have a look at what's going on with our young people in our homes.'' Parcell's offending incorporated 27 images and one video, most of which showed pre-pubescent girls forced into sex acts with adult men.More than half the files found on his computer fell into the most serious category - depicting penetrative acts, Crown prosecutor Catherine Ure said.They described Parcell as ''quiet, well-mannered and considerate of others ... The referee believed he had placed himself at risk and made some poor choices.

''That may be the case but these poor choices are part of that exploitation that goes on in a horrible, horrible mean way to those young children,'' the judge said.

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