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Think locally, Fuck Globally._________________Isopropyl That's what I thought the song was about, but I was confused by the mixed messages I was getting from teachers and text books. There's this deeper meaning with sociology and whatnot; then the sex one. On love, he said, "I'm not so sure I even know what it is. *slinks back into the darkness*_________________Don't trust a plastic beat.

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And "think locally" as in "treat the whole world as if it's your own neighborhood". However, one of the best things about literature/lyrics is that it is subjective.

[totally valid philosophical standpoint in and of itself ]" Although I also like to think it may correspond to Bill Hick's exhortation for "everyone fuck everyone until we're all the same colour" I'm thinking that perhaps he doesn't want to acknowledge globalisation because this would mean having to accept the borders that exist between countries and races - whereas the Gogol Bordello ethos seems to be about living as though these borders do not exist.