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, They point out Google’s recent entry (Lively introduced yesterday), Second Life’s quick rise to success, and IBM is working with their own virtual world engine designed for corporate use.They also point out IBM and Linden Labs announced yesterday they have successfully moved an avatar from Second Life to an Open Sim server.A nice image of them is available on Gadgets Gizmo’s.As we understand it, communication online will be accomplished by selecting phrases (similar to Barbie Girls) or typed text with a filter.Techno Source calls the interactive technology used in the game components (charms, bracelets, jewelry box) “Clickables”.Disney has nice Tinkerbell sounding names for them: Pixie Dust Jewelry Collection, Tink Friendship e Bracelets (includes the Friendship feature), Tink’s e Charm Bracelet, Fairy e Charms, Tink and Friends Fly with me e LCD game.

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Plus when those objects are worn in public, people ask about them, and even more are led to their online world. Not only are real banks struggling with sub-prime mortgage problems, Second Life is shutting down virtual banks that were failing to deliver high returns they had promised their depositors. Many players convert actual dollars into “Linden dollars” to deposit in their virtual bank accounts and use in the game.As virtual worlds gain more traction, and the ability to interact with other virtual worlds, we may see more business meetings being held in virtual environments.Here at Virtual Pets Blog, we think that is a given.Users are mixing real and imaginary efforts to attempt to stop the closing of their beloved park. Since then over 4.5 million fairy avatars have been built.

“South Korea’s Nexon Paves Way in Selling Virtual Gear for Free Games.” Wall Street Journal. Reports Nexon Holdings is doing great in Korea with a free game called Kart Rider, The game is free, but users pay to customize vehicles and their avatars. Per a press release, Disney is now in process of opening an online world called Pixie Hollow (Pixie in which young girls can actually fly around as their fairy avatar.For example, the ability to pass previously coded messages (such as “I like your hair” means “put 0 on Seabiscuit in the 6th”) between two authenticated avatars.This communication channel might be utilized by everybody from computer hackers to terrorists. In terms of future applications, Disney has already said they are looking at “Clickables” in Club Penguin.It includes several very interesting videos, scientific research, and anecdotal evidence. Reports Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom launched in 2005 as part of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Marketing for Nexon says, “We sell experiences, not packaged products.” Nexon’s success with a twist on the old razor model where you give away the razor to get the customer to buy blades from you, now has many other game publishers considering getting a shave.