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18-Aug-2018 15:51

But we’re not used to simply being in awe of him, as we are—and you’ll soon be—after watching his devastating performance in The Normal Heart.

Bomer plays Felix Turner in HBO’s powerful adaptation of Larry Kramer’s galvanizing 1985 play, an enough-is-enough screed on the gay community’s struggle to have the AIDS epidemic taken seriously.

So to actually be a part of something like that as a grown-up, it’s like, man, you just check your ego at the door and try to serve the story. But I think he saved me on a more profound than practical level.

This story almost takes on a different, or new, importance now, as it’s played for a new, younger generation, whose eyes might not have been opened yet to the realities of the AIDS epidemic and how tragic is actually was. Was that something you ever thought about while filming this? “I said a prayer to those people every day before I came to work. What it was like the first time you saw yourself with the sores, and the makeup to make you look sick. Well, I lived on my own for months at the time when I had done a lot of the weight loss, just to get into Felix’s mindset.You got to play a gay character will a real, rich love story, whereas so many of TV’s gay character’s barely have love lives.Well not only that, but they’re typically written in such broad stereotypes.I think we are such a diverse community, and that’s one of the great things you see in this film.

The activism, even amongst the community, was difficult and flinty.

It’s just nothing that’s ever really come my way in a real way. It was strange to me that it was so unique that I was getting to play a gay character.

Apr 24, 2014. Popular television star Matt Bomer just dropped a major bombshell in a brand new interview courtesy of Details magazine -- he's been married for three whole years! Fans of his popular USA network program "White Collar" might be a bit disappointed to hear that the dashing star wed love Simon Halls all.… continue reading »

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