2016 college dating violence abuse poll

12-Aug-2018 08:21

" Nowhere in official court documents do police allege this; at most, Mueller and Durnal are accused of exploiting Korean sex workers—a.k.a. By all accounts, these women flew to Seattle voluntarily and without chaperones, usually from other U. cities, in order to work temporarily at one of the area's booming Korean-escort agencies.

The K-Girls were, in essence, independent contractors.

And part three looks at how policies designed to get tough on pimps and traffickers wind up threatening the very women they're supposed to save.

The first wave of arrests came just after New Year's.

The team also seized three websites: The Review Board (TRB), a web forum where Seattle sex workers and clients communicated; KGirls Delights.com, a directory of Korean sex-workers and escort-agencies in America; and The Loeg.com, a private site for local prostitution story-swapping.

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According to the state, Zitars was one of at least a dozen bad guys associated with an elite league of sexual predators and a multi-state sex-trafficking ring.

, Sigurds Zitars, a retired accountant, was the only family member left in University Place, Washington.

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