Who is the octomom dating

20-Nov-2018 18:24

Therefore, it’s often recommended that, just like in this case, the more eggs used – the better.

To avoid the disappointment of trying out with one and having it flunk out, Nadya agreed with her doctor when he suggested they try fertilizing and placing multiple eggs in her uterus.

He objected to the idea so strongly that he declared brazenly that were she to go through with it – they are done.

Nadya had to take a close look at her life and consider all options with a heavy heart.

Suddenly, she realized there was only one thing she ever wanted more than to find her one true love – to bear children and call them her own.

With great pain, she decided it was time to end things with Marcos.

Then, a selective process takes place in which the most viable or healthiest eggs are inseminated in a laboratory dish.

Post-fertilization, the cells of the egg are divided and then everything is all set to be inserted back into the woman’s body.

She tried to stay as healthy as she could, which proved to be successful when her octuplets were all born healthy and managed to live past the “week of doom.” The term refers to the reoccurring, tragic phenomenon of octuplets dying after less than a week, because it’s a very risky pregnancy.

Nadya was always a special girl, and this case was not any different.

On the day of her doctor’s appointment the unbelievable was revealed – Nadya was in fact pregnant with a baby boy.

After their separation, Nadya went ahead with the IVF treatments, but it didn’t go according to plan.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a decent solution for women who wish to get pregnant, but are unable to do so the natural way.That way, if one fails during the fertilization process, there’s a good chance another will stick.IVF is also very time consuming and exhausting, all of which combined, create a rather hostile environment for the eggs.Parenting children is an accomplishment a lot of women dream of – but being a mother of 14 gives a whole new meaning to the concept of motherhood.

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