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30-Sep-2018 18:15

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For more information about intrinsic objects, see Intrinsic Objects.When you change a Java Script file, Visual Studio scans opened and referenced documents to determine all available code resources.If for some reason it does not update, we’ve added a command to force the mechanism to recalculate its data. You can find this command under “Edit”, “Intelli Sense”, “Update JScript Intelli Sense”. I often get the question “Why isn’t Intelli Sense working? The most common cause is an error in one of the referenced scripts.If there was an Intelli Sense update error, the status bar will tell you.

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Note: I’ve noticed the line number to be off by 1; we’ll be fixing that. In rare occurrences, our execution/analysis engine (Type Lib Builder.exe) will crash due to the script input. Rather than retrying the script in question, we will disable Intelli Sense temporarily until you reopen the file.As you work with client script in the Java Script editor, Intelli Sense lists the objects, functions, properties, and parameters that are available based on your current context.You can select a coding option from the pop-up list provided by Intelli Sense to complete the code.He is the Editor of a Developer Magazine called DNC Magazine.