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Most of the early development of Keith occurred in the next decade.

A general store was opened in 1905 and such was the prosperity of the district that a second general store opened two years later.

It is a reminder of what the area was like before trace elements were added to the soil.

The AMP Society provided money for the project and over the next two decades Keith became the centre of a productive area where cattle studs, grain crops and lucerne were grown with considerable success.

In 1969 the district's problems were completely solved when a pipeline from Tailem Bend brought water from the Murray River to the town.

The four windows depict Pioneer Women, Pioneer Men, Keith in 1988 and the National Trust and were constructed by 30 members of the local community under the assistance of the artist Debra Lutze.

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The Early Settlers Cottage The Early Settlers Cottage, Emu Flats Road.Keith Modern service centre on the Dukes Highway Keith is located 228 km south east of Adelaide and 31 metres above sea level.Like so many of the towns on the Dukes Highway, it owes its existence to the miracle of trace elements which converted the great Ninety Mile Desert from a wasteland into a rich agricultural area.The view from the top of Mount Monster (100 metres up) in worth the effort.