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“We’re paying Iraq 0 a barrel for oil and we’re spending billions to rebuild their infrastructure,” he says.

“We should be getting the oil for free, or making a profit on it. ” Although Brenner loves comedy, he wishes there was no need for comedians.

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“He’s so interesting and so charismatic and a great orator,” Brenner says, “sort of like what John F. People want to see this magical man, this guy who came out of nowhere. They may say Obama is half-black, half-white, or they don’t care — that it’s about the quality of the person and what he’s going to do for the nation. But when they get in the voting booth and the curtain closes, that’s when they can be prejudiced without anyone knowing it — so I don’t think Obama is a shoo-in.” It might be different, Brenner says, if it were a worldwide vote.

“I feel parents should be kept in the child’s life unless something is really wrong with the parent, like a crack dealer or something,” says Brenner, still a Vegas resident.