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09-Dec-2018 00:03

What it means is that you look for Christ-like virtues: kindness, gentleness, self control, faith, joy, etc.People with these qualities or who are seeking these qualities will help you develop these qualities.First, and this applies not only to dating, but to all friendships: Hang out with people you want to become like.This does not mean that you do not hang out with people who are not perfect; that’s ridiculous, no one is perfect.Now I am going to say something shocking: Orthodox Christians are not always the most Christ-like people you know.(I probably didn’t surprise anyone.) Good people are good people no matter where you find them.The main stipulation is that the couple agree to raise the children Orthodox.

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Unfortunately, our culture has taught us that sexual attraction is key to finding a suitable life partner; in fact for much of our culture, good sex is the highest form of transcendence conceivable.But let me state the obvious: this is not a Christian culture.Christians are called to a life of repentance, a life in which Christ is God and my life is His.This allowance did not have in mind an Orthodox boy choosing a Baptist girl because she’s hot.

This allowance came to be in a world in which children were often promised in marriage before they were three years old.That word, “dating,” has killed more potentially wonderful relationships than any other word in contemporary English.“Dating” is a cultural construct defined by popular culture, chiefly movies and TV.For most people, when things are going well religion is not a very important part of their life (no matter how strenuously they protest that it is). It records the common experience of God’s people: when things are going good (when we “grow fat”) we ignore God.

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