Anne hathaway dating james franco

29-Oct-2018 20:01

[on his first short film & being a workaholic] I don't know, but the first short film I ever directed, years before I even went to film school at NYU, is about a boy who is introduced to the concept of his own mortality when his goldfish dies.

He says to his parents, "I don't want to die," and though they say he shouldn't worry because there's plenty of time, they don't really comfort him.

Remember how stoned James Franco was and how mad-crazy excited Anne Hathaway was?

And do you remember how people said they were like the worst Oscar hosts in the history of the gig? Not too long after that, James was on with Letterman and confessed that the reason he looked so down was because Anne was so up.

James Franco, will you be more than my fantasy boyfriend?

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Franco is considered a solid best-actor prospect for the survival drama "127 Hours," while Hathaway has a chance for a best-actress slot for the romance "Love & Other Drugs." Michael Caine and Walter Matthau were nominated in years they served as co-hosts, while David Niven won the best-actor Oscar for 1958's "Separate Tables" at the same ceremony in which he was co-host.My fantasy dude this week is just a bit intimidating. The choice of James and Anne Hathaway as hosts is totally unconventional, and that's why it's exciting! And a special note to you, spammers; we officially declare you a major DON'T.* [#iframe:He has a seemingly endless list of jobs and graduate degrees, and now he's adding a hosting gig at the fanciest awards show of the year to his résumé... On my father's side, we have relatives all over Cork and ...

Left Raffaello Follieri days before he was arrested for wire fraud and money laundering.

He attended the University for a year and dropped out to pursue a career in acting. (2008), as Saul Silver in Pineapple Express (2008), and as Harry Osborn / New Goblin in Spider-Man 3 (2007).

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