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01-Jul-2018 05:15

The Northampton Saints player, who was unfortunate to miss out on selection for Stuart Lancaster’s RWC 2015 squad, admitted before making his international game against France last year: “It’s normally a ritual for me before every game I play, in that I tend to be sick, so I imagine that ahead of this game – the biggest of my life – that I’ll be doing the same. The nerves will be out of my system as soon as I’ve had my first touch and I’m nice and eased into the game.

I’ll stick to puking up before the game.” Keith Earls The Catholic Irish back did have a unique pre-match routine, but ditched it a couple of years ago after losing his faith in it.

“As far as superstitions or pre-match routines go, I must confess to having a strange habit,” he wrote in 2007.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve always done the Bruce Lee kung-fu wavy hands in the changing room before games.

“I always wear the same T-shirt under my England shirt,” the 91-cap Wilkinson, who retired last summer, explained when still playing.

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Cueto, capped 55 times for England, would also put on his left boot before his right, and liked to leave the coach and then changing room last, perhaps copying another winger, David Campese.Usually it’s jocular teammates who imply that an unnamed someone has to purge themselves.That’s why England centre Burrell’s admission is unique.However, the routine became a ritual for Catt and continued throughout his international career, which ended in 2007 after 75 appearances.

Jason Robinson The speedy rugby league convert, who won the Webb Ellis Cup alongside Catt and Wilkinson, was notorious for the way in which he strapped himself before matches, having to wait for certain minutes to tick down before applying tape to specific places.

Mark Cueto A long-time teammate of Robinson’s at both Sale Sharks and with England, the winger, who hung up his boots at the end of last season, was famous for having a culinary superstition on match days.

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