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I mean, I know that some people are my cousins and I can trace everyone back to a common ancestor, but I’m not sure what to call everyone.So after the latest get-together, I figured I’d chart it out.· Siawso Survivors of incest · Hope for Healing Incest help · Dancing in the Darkness Survivor stories, message boards, information, where to get help There is help for survivors of abuse, no matter what kind.More information on local agencies that offer therapy and counseling for victims can be obtained from any doctor’s office or hospital.· DVRC domestic violence information · Help Guide Abuse, signs and symptoms of abuse · Prevent Elder Abuse preventing physical abuse in elders · UTexas Institute of domestic Violence and sexual Assault Verbal abuse is an abusive behavior that occurs when someone calls their partner names, belittles them, humiliates them and otherwise puts them down.Verbal abuse can be especially harmful to a person’s self worth and self esteem.The result is the relationship of the second person to the first.For example, say the first person is the grandchild of the common ancestor, and the second person is a great-grandchild.

This can happen in a dating relationship, or someone who is single yet still dealing with an ex.

The definition becomes blurred at points, as some people consider incest to occur only between blood relatives.

Others include relatives who may be in the family through adoption or marriage only.

Still others get along fine without counseling or therapy, while many people need the services of a counselor to get through their everyday life for many years to come.

Abuse Abuse can be done to someone in many different ways. It has been shown by statistics that one in every four women has at one time been a victim of physical abuse.Both men and women can experience rape, although it is much more common for women to go through it.Rape can be frightening, traumatizing, and in some cases, deadly.Therefore, the second person is the first cousin once removed from the first. Wikipedia explains: There is a mathematical way to identify the degree of cousinship shared by two individuals.