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21-Jan-2019 14:25

Social media and politics prey on those fears, and in doing so, we become even more afraid.

Most of all, I relearned that people are hungry for hope.

It was still snowing lightly this morning when I set off again (lending to a few white-knuckle moments) but eventually, I made my way home to sunny Minneapolis.

After ten days of traveling, 3,287 miles and countless fast food stops along the way (I know, but Mc Donalds is one of my few remaining vices), I made it home.

After I finished, she approached and said, “Ellie, I’m one of those lionesses you spoke about.” The woman, Jami Sayeed (I have Jami’s permission to use her name), explained that she put her career on hold to do what was necessary for her transgender son as he was growing up.

Once her son entered college, Jami resumed her education, which now involves being a first-year law student at Mc Kinney.

I was so very impressed by Jami’s dedication to her son—it’s not easy living in Indiana with a transgender child and that’s today, compared to even greater marginalization ten years ago.

Other students approached after my talk to express appreciation for my words and mere presence on campus (which took the work of Wende’, Trevor and others).

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I also saw the South with all its beauty—a new part of the country for me. On the square’s opposite side a second placard commemorates the bus stop where Rosa Parks boarded a city bus on that fateful day.

My trip taught me so much—good stuff—about humans and our collective struggle to survive the Human Condition.

I’ll do a final blog post with thoughts and reflections once I unpack and have a chance to simply be planted in one place. #elliesroadtrip4hope #connecthumans February 8, 2018 Road Trip 4 Hope Report No.

Note to Reader: I’m a writer at heart and blog as much as possible.

There are many things I’d like to write about, but time is limited, so there are some big gaps between blog posts.I also referenced the mothers of trans kids/youth and said, “Those moms are ‘lionesses’ who will never take ‘No’ relative to their child.Just don’t even try to fight them because you will lose.” Unbeknown to me, in the audience was just such a mother.There are those who are intolerant, who want to marginalize humans who aren’t part of their “tribe.” At the same time, however, I found that these people are in the minority.