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Obviously, Blue Tack did block all IPs that started with 116, but how many Media Defender IPs were successfully blocked?When Slyck investigated, there was a common theme that blocklists seemingly jumped over several ranges used by Media Defender.While judging the effectiveness of these lists had proven to be an impossible task before the major leak, the effectiveness can now be tested.Slyck began the investigation when Blue Tack's 'Paranoid' IP filter blocked one of TVUnderground's new e Donkey2000 servers. is a site dedicated to improving the safety and awareness of all our members and guests, providing News, Security articles, Software Reviews, Technical Support, Guides, IP Research and Free Software needed to help us keep our connections to the net and each other safe, secure, and free from unwelcome intruders." Among the things offered are the blocklists, which have been met with either acceptance by the file-sharing community or complete rejection.i will leave it to others to comment on the likelyhood of these assumptions being correct." =============== FROM PG;s ow website: Well, it is accurate in the sense that it blocks everything on your blocklist.It is impossible to know _all_ the addresses to block Peer Guardian is known to be incompatible with Mc Afee and Black ICE firewalls.

A complete test might not be possible short of creating a simple program to test every single number or spending weeks hand-testing every single Media Defender IP address.The IPs that were successfully blocked were:,,,,,,, 116.2,,,,, ,,, remaining 1,458 IPs would still be allowed through even with these two filters being used today.Slyck then decided to test all of the IPs that started with the number 116.