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These words, however, are equally as applicable to Max, who, even though he is a young man not even 18, can take something from them.The entire first verse could easily be words of warning in reflecting on Blume’s experience: “I thought he was a bitter man/he spoke of women’s ways/they’ll trap you when they use you/before you even know/for love is blind and you’re far too kind/don’t ever let it show.” But the big difference for Max is he can heed these words, weave them into his forward trajectory, something that could be too late for Blume or even Miss Cross.The song coupled with this technique are so perfect.For the first time, we see all of the major players of the film – Max, Blume, Miss Cross, Max’s father () – in the same frame, happy.In looking at Max and what lays ahead for him, Herman reflects on his own journey. After the fledgling relationship with Miss Cross fails, largely due to interference by Max, and his wife sues for divorce (once again caused by Max), Blume finds himself having to start over again.The chorus to “Ooh La La” fits so perfectly here: “I wish that I knew what I know now/when I was younger/I wish that I knew what I know now/when I was stronger.” Had Herman known before what he knows now, would he have married his ungrateful, cheating wife? Check the lyrics: “they come on strong and it ain’t too long/for they make you feel a man/but love is blind and you soon will find/you’re just a boy again.” Just perfection.I haven’t assigned a number to each of these as I had in the post about my favorite openings. I can honestly say that the endings to Rushmore and The Thin Blue Line are the two that hit me most on an emotional level and I would feel safe slotting them in at #1 and #2.

It allows us to linger in this moment, to cherish what these characters are feeling as they’ve finally rounded this corner that caused them all so much grief.

Max takes his involvement at Rushmore very seriously, enlisting himself in a plethora of clubs and activities and largely ignoring his studies, eventually finding himself on sudden death academic probation and facing expulsion.

In the meantime, he befriends local steel magnate and father to twin classmates, Herman Blume, played by And this is precisely why “Ooh La La” works so well in the context of the triangular relationship of Cross, Fischer and Blume.

littlejeans, olivia williams, ooh la la, ronnie, ronnie laine, rushmore, Rushmore Academy, sara tanaka, seymour cassel, were you in the shit, wes anderson I am a shameless fan of Wes Anderson and his quirky films and have been ever since my older brother recommended that I watch his first feature, Bottle Rocket.

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I loved it and eagerly awaited his next release, Rushmore, which happened to hit the theaters when I was living with said brother in Boston.

Without a doubt, one of the most cathartic film moments I’ve ever witnessed.