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And what became a little frustrating after a while was being a hit wasn't good enough because the assumption was we were all tearing our hair out that we weren't this phenomenon that really comes along once or twice in a generation in terms of the longevity that ER had. It was a juggernaut of virtually unknown success for an hourlong drama, except maybe Gunsmoke. Chicago Hope had to settle for being a hit, and that's fine with me. Not only did I get mistaken for him, I got mistaken for him when I was going into the Emmys by a photographer. So I'm really fine if somebody wants to start paying me million a picture. I don't think he's ever gotten mistaken for me, and if he does, then I'm sorry for him. What was it like working with Mandy Patinkin on Chicago Hope?

I was walking in, and I kept hearing somebody say, "Hey, George! " And I realized one of the photographers was calling me. He's got a reputation for being intense and unpredictable. Both of us have had moments where we've found working with one another challenging, but the rewards always outweighed any of the challenges. It seems to me that the new Golden Age of television started around 1994.

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I finally stopped and said, "Hey, buddy, it's not George." And he lowered his camera and said, "Oh, excuse me. My relationship with Mandy was intense, and it was familial. Were you aware at the time that there was a paradigm shift and that TV was starting to get good, for lack of a better word? Now cable is almost in the position the networks were in earlier, with the advent of web series.

Mandy is like a brother, in all of what that means. I was aware of the fact that with the advent of cable shows, there were going to be many more outlets, and as a result of that, there was a palpable feeling that people were going to be able to take more chances. It's very healthy in the long run, because with so many technological outlets and so many people having the ability to tell stories, the thing that's going to start setting shows apart is going to be the originality of what those stories are and how they're told.

Adam Arkin broke out as an actor in 1990 with the recurring Northern Exposure role of Adam, a barefoot, grungy hermit/gourmet chef who popped up now and then to vex Dr. But his biggest moment on the hit CBS show might have come three years later, when he made his debut on the other side of the camera.

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It's been delightful to get to do both, especially on shows I have that much respect for.

Well, you're right in the middle of all that good stuff.

I've been very lucky and blessed to be able to keep growing.

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This section describes, in detail, all important issues of women’s health.One of the beauties of directing is if you're doing it right, you have the opportunity to feel that way forever. I still get recognized quite a bit from the Will Smith movie Hitch. What were your expectations going into fall that season?I'm always amazed at how much more there is to know. Northern Exposure people mention a lot, and oddly enough, despite the fact that Chicago Hope was on for six years and I was in every episode of the show produced, it's on the lower end of the scale of what people will talk about if they do recognize me. I make a point of not having expectations when it comes to how anything's going to be received, because I've just been fooled too many times.Every job I do, I feel like part of the gift of it is I get to learn more. Your Northern Exposure character is so vivid in my memory, yet I know you weren't in that many episodes. I also think that is a byproduct of something the show did really effectively: It did such a brilliant job of creating a sense of place that once you established yourself as a character in that place, people felt like they were visiting you every week even if you had only been on three months ago. What I remember about it is that everybody was too busy doing their job to live in the world of comparisons.

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