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It is an unhealthy relationship with 20 years older surgeon, who kept you and Noah apart and is now after your money. And if you watch the whole Dallas episode you will see Reid and Luke starting to like each other and Reid doing what Noah never does - thanking Luke for helping him out and how he could not have done it without him! His posts keep getting more and more ludicrous and insulting - 20 years older? Anyway, this is what this guy does - he hijacks a thread that has nothing to do with the characters on the now-defunct ATWT and starts with this crap and then the Lure people start fighting back and next thing the thread gets closed down. If so you would have all been jumping on the bandwagon since most Nukies don't really care about Luke or the way Noah treated him like dirt and mooched off him and his family for three years. or to Stuffer The Doctor Dick guy is just trying to get a rise out of people and sometimes I guess he succeeds. Is there a person in Oakdale, Dickie hasn't insulted? Oh my god this is hilarious : D how sad is when everybody thinks Van and that Tyler are a couple , they are just roommates and nothing else. : P but now being serious , Tyler move his ass like a girl!!!!! "And Eric Sheffer Stevens does look like a velocripator (sp? Get out of your mother's basement and get out in the real world'. Eric is 9 years older than Van, but Reid is at least 15 years older than Luke. And Luke/Noah's supercouple status was old, it was on its way out (along with Noah). Bob has done so much for Dickie and Dickie just can't appreciate it. I don't doubt this sitcom is a piece of shit, practically everything on TV is, but he keeps getting work and he will continue to. Van deserves a tough guy, if he is the boyfriend I think a woman has a chance with Van Doctor Dick re-watch 04-15-10I've heard, that these Dallas episodes are the sexual climax for Lure. And, yes, he and Tyler are a smokin' hot couple; very delicious looking!! Did Eric steal your lunch money in the school yard? Laughing my fucking ass off; you are one-fucked up mental case. Again, Reid was raising money for a neurowing, not to buy himself a new Lexus or a condo.From September 2007 to mid-January 2008, Hansis appeared off-Broadway as Lance Sussman in a production of Charles Busch's Die, Mommie, Die! In 2011, Hansis guest starred in the Psych episode "This Episode Sucks" as Adrian Viccellio, and the Nikita episode "Clawback" as Yuri Levrov.He next appeared in the 2012 The Mentalist episode "Red Is The New Black" as Derek.Hansis was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2007, 20 for his As the World Turns role, and was nominated again in 2016 for his role on East Siders.He attended Four Corners School and later the Greenfield Center School. He attended high school at a boarding school called Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, because, he says, he knew by then he wanted to be an actor "and it was a good school for that".

Hansis portrayed Luke Snyder on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns from December 14, 2005 until the show's final episode September 17, 2010.

Hansis graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2004, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the School of Drama.

Hansis appeared in the play The Laramie Project in Pittsburgh in 2002, and later worked at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts in productions including On the Razzle and The Witching Hour in 2005.

He lives in New York, or did at the time back in about 2007. Van is not a terrible actor, although I don't think he is great. It turns out Gayle King was the Silberman family's nanny when he was a baby and Jake is planning to contact Gayle to see if there any takers for ATWT Version 2.0. God, you're supersensitive, just like the rest of you on Noah Who community. The biggest dick is this troll rewatch guy/girl who is nuttier than a fruitcake and I wish the Eric fans would just ignore his/her sorry ass and stop giving him/her what they want - an all out argument and recognition on his screwed up BS. As for your rewatch being for fun, that is what it seemed like in the beginning but it is obvious you have an abnormal hatred for a make-believe character that is so intense you start bashing the actor. If the writers had wanted a happy Lure ending, they would have written it.

An olympic rimmer, which I loved and really long lasting top and his cock, larger than average but not monster, really stimulated my prostate. He is a total cuddle monkey and quite friendly and personable. He booked a supporting role in that new SMG pilot and will be guesting on the season finale of CSI. I hardly think he would do that if he was trying to disassociate himself from the show. Word definition: Nuke - to destroy or lay waste; Lure; to tempt, to entice. That is if you have finished watching those 500 copies of Stuffer I am sure you purchased. Jake has heard the buzz that the OWN network might be reviving old soaps. There is no relationship, because he's dead and the show is over. Oh, here we go again with this neverending bullshit on Nuke/Lure and now it is starting to get ridiculous. I am beginning to think he or she is actually starting these threads under an unrelated name (Tyler Hanes) just so they can start the Dr. This is one time I wish the mods would crack down on the whole no soaps thing (normally I don't care). All I said is that if the show had not gone off the air, Reid would not have died and Noah would be gone and that I heard from someone who was a PA at ATWT for the last two years.

Some of his fans were at the taping of his pilot last week and they said he came after them after the taping to thank them for coming. If the show was still on Luke and Reid's budding relationship would now be heating up the airwaves, since it is almost a given that Reid's untimely death would not have happened, and Nuke would be a faint memory. Eric will be on the new hit show Body of Proof on May 10th in case you are interested in tuning in so you can bash him.

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