Dating pflueger reels

27-Jul-2018 12:03

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Spin cast reels were developed by the Johnson Reel Company in the early 1950's.

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A fishing reel is a device used for the sport of angling.Pressing a button on the rear of the fishing reel disengages the line pickup, thus allowing the line to fly off of the spool.Upon cranking the handle, the pickup pin immediately re-engages the line and re-spools it onto the reel.The first picture of this fishing reel is really nothing more than a 17 century winch reel; it is just a tad bit smaller.

Looking at the illustration of this fishing device would make me stick to pole and line, which is a commonality still used today in Britain.

Spinning reels do not suffer from backlash, although the line can become trapped underneath itself on the spool. Various level-wind mechanisms have been introduced over the years to attempt to solve this problem.

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Can the production date be determined on the reels?The Supreme has the philips type screw for the foot and the foot is marked "Patented"… continue reading »

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I also love the old pflueger progress reels in the skeleton style. There use to be a great web page that had lots of good info about these reels but I don't think the.… continue reading »

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