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If you’ve already read the in-depth orgasm guide on how to pleasure yourself and have earth shattering orgasms, but want more specific masturbation techniques, then you’re in luck!

Below you will find 14 different masturbation techniques & tips to guarantee you have super powerful orgasms.

The base of the clitoris, known as the clitoral bulb [4], isn’t visible but is also hyper sensitive…and we’re going to use the ‘squeeze’ technique to stimulate it!

Then it’s just a simple case of playing around with your clit between the folds of skin, by rolling it between your index finger and thumb.

One fun variation of this masturbation technique is to imagine that it’s a tiny penis and that you can jerk it up and down slightly.

Ok, let’s start with some of the basic masturbation techniques, then move onto the more advanced techniques.

Of course, we don’t believe in strict rules for performing this masturbation technique; we merely see these instructions as a guideline for getting more enjoyment out of masturbation and foreplay.If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and You’ll find that you enjoy some of these masturbation techniques more than others when trying to make yourself cum.The key is trying them all out and then figuring out which ones you enjoy the most.As I keep repeating, the most important thing you can do is lots of experimentation to see what you enjoy the most with this masturbation technique.