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13-Jan-2019 04:51

They lived in a variety of cultures, in different experiences and often were quite different in their make up.Regardless of this diversity, as one book, it is: …In the New Testament also many predictions are made of events to come.

For other passages which either declare or assume the Bible as God’s Word see Deuteronomy 6:6-9, 17-18; Joshua 1:8-9; -35; 2 Samuel ; Ps.Jeremiah received his message directly from the Lord (Jer. The ever present assumption of the writers of the Bible is that the Bible is the God-breathed Word of God.11:1-3), yet because of his defense of the Scripture some attempted to kill him (Jer. A good illustration is seen in Psalm 19:7-11 which not only declares the Bible to be the Word of God, but identifies six perfections with corresponding transformations of human character that the Bible will produce in those who study and apply it in faith. One of the amazing facts about the Bible is that though it was written by a wide diversity of authors (as many as 40) over a period of 1600 years, from many different locations and under a wide variety of conditions, the Bible is uniquely one book, not merely a collection of sixty-six books. Some were kings, some peasants, still others were philosophers, fishermen, physicians, statesmen, scholars, poets, and farmers.It covers morals on all levels as well as business, economic, and social spheres.