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30-Dec-2018 14:57

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A hacker has been arrested for stealing players' identities, skills, weapons and virtual money in an online computer game.

The practice, which has previously cropped up in other basket-case economies such as North Korea’s, has become so popular with Venezuelans that they’re now spreading inflation inside the virtual worlds. The bolívar has shed almost all of its value against the dollar this year and was trading at 108,279 on the black market on Dec. The socialist regime in Caracas has maintained strict currency controls for more than a decade, and the threat of a bust or a ban has made many gold farmers reluctant to share too many details about the mechanics of the business.

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Hamstrung by shaky internet connections and outdated hardware, Venezuela’s gold farmers have gravitated to old-school games that have low system requirements and established communities of players.

(Bloomberg Businessweek) -- They start arriving even before the security shutters at the west Caracas storefront roll up at about a.m.

For 11 hours a day, they’ll hunch over old-fashioned cathode-ray tube monitors and bang on greasy keyboards in a dim space with a boarded-up window and a blanket of dust.

Rune Scape, dating back to 1999, boasts some 1.6 million active monthly players, according to Super Data Research.

José Luis Fragoza, 22, tried gold farming for a few months this year after leaving active military service, but quit playing for money when his internet service bogged down.

That cost him almost two-thirds of his income and turned his wife into family’s breadwinner.

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