Indian male dating traits

29-Sep-2018 09:14

Women scored much higher than in men in Sensitivity, Warmth, and Apprehension, while men scored higher than women in Emotional Stability, Dominance, Rule-Consciousness, and Vigilance. self-reliant), Perfectionism (tolerates disorder vs. They found a global effect size D = 2.71, corresponding to an overlap of only 10% between the male and female distributions.When many personality traits were considered simultaneously, there was only a 10% overlap between the distributions of these traits in men and women. This is an extremely large effect by any psychological standard, which suggests that the sex differences in personality are of the same magnitude as the sex differences in aggression or vocational interests.This societal status would cause a fundamentally different base personality type to express due to evolutionary pressures; where a man could generally address interpersonal challenges directly and possibly brutally, women were necessarily conformed to achieving societal and familial success by a less direct approach.Virtually all of the conclusions this study reports, reflect that kind of personality conformation. All of these situations would skew the personality that would be observed in a participant.They suggest, instead, that in order to get the most accurate picture of sex differences, researchers need to (a) measure personality with a higher resolution than that afforded by the Big Five, (b) estimate sex differences on latent factors rather than observed scores; and (c) assess global differences between males and females by computing a multivariate effect size. Relationship instability is associated with extraversion, neuroticism, low agreeableness, and low conscientiousness.And this is exactly what they did in the study reported in the PLo S ONE article. In addition to their direct influences on predispositions for sexual promiscuity and relationship instability or sexual monogamy and parental investment, personality traits may also influence competitive tendencies such as status-seeking and risk-taking.

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Women have lived in a very different, albeit overlapping, worlds and existence than men.

Their innate tendencies in personality has to reflect that.

Although we live in a far more enlightened social world (at least in western societies), that cannot erase what has made women women, a legacy that has existed thousands of times longer in duration than our faster evolving civilizations and increasingly sophisticated mores.

The objections here all fall back upon the nature/nurture controversy.

I believe that we are as individuals, we are 80% nature and 20% nurture.

As a man I don't consider it flattering to women many of these findings, but I tend to believe it nonetheless. Not only considering the near future in an individuals life is important.

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