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29-Jan-2019 12:28

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What if the guy was really rich, well to do, charming, good looking, and has pain issues hence IV heroin?Versus a typical dirty broke hippy (who happens to be not as good looking nor as charming as the heroin user)? HAHAHA oh my god, what was i propositioned with once?I'd think the OP is referring to meth or another stimulant, which of course makes sex much better.I think most people would be a bit sketched out if someone asked them if they did drugs over the internet or not but in person it's a whole different story and i think many more people would be okay with it.

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that may just be a gay community thing, since their hookups are a lot easier, but maybe just say that you wanna have a "pregame party" or something dumb like that. It'd be an immediate notification of your intentions.You get less contacts, im sure, but the ones you do get will have a higher success rate I bet Normally listed as PNP or 'chem friendly' - PNP seems to give people the impression that is Purely meth sex -so people also use 'chem friendly' include smokers, rollers, trippers, ket users.It really depends on the person and their preferred DOC - just make sure that you discuss your drug of choice before hooking up.Icon Tweaker is a handy, free Windows program, belonging to the category Desktop customization software with subcategory Icons (more specifically Organizers & Editors).

Also tweeker. 1. Person who constantly stays up cleaning, washing, organizing, powertooling, sorting or otherwise keeping themself busy doing menial tasks.… continue reading »

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Singles interested in Tweaker. Welcome to the fastest growing FREE dating site! OkCupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.… continue reading »

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Online Dating for the Doper. and secondly, the 'typical' tweaker. some kind of wanna be pNper. which i was going to suggest you type in whatever.… continue reading »

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