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28-Aug-2018 21:34

Data collected online (ref Furrypoll) and data collected at large conventions (ref IARP) show this trend: online we’re (around) 80% male; at conventions we’re (around) 90% male.

We furries have the same problem as gamers, cosplayers, and sports fans: if you’re female and wish to attend an event, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of receiving unwelcome attention.

I feel like I’m wading into the territory of men’s rights here, a mostly internet-based philosophy that suggests that men have the raw end of the gender stick.

Men’s rights advocates are usually well-meaning, but are misguided.

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Around 1 in 5 furries are female, and some of those are gay or asexual.

I suggesting, by the way, that you treat men differently from women.

You can reasonably initiate social contact with (most) men. It’s not a double standard, because there is a difference in the experiences of men and women.

It’s interesting stuff but it’s not the topic of this article.

I accept that some readers might challenge my characterization of men’s rights, and I’m happy to participate in a wider discussion: perhaps in a co-authored point-counterpoint article for future publication here on [a][s].As it turns out, this is a pretty good definition of the goal of feminism.There is a conflict because the men’s-righters are largely ignorant to the challenges that are faced by women (but not faced by men).Men’s-righters suggest that we should be gender-blind, which is the sort of bone-headed idealization of the real world that might inform a high-concept Star Trek episode.

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