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It is not uncommon for all the cygnets to be lost to predators, nor is it uncommon for most of them to survive - it all depends on the location and the natural protection afforded them. Is it normal for the parents to be chasing their cygnets once they're several months old? Once the cygnets are old enough to look after themselves the parents cut the parental ties with them and chase them away, sometimes quite aggressively. They normally join the first flock of swans they encounter where they usually stay until they mature when about 4 years old. In a protected environment this figure can reach 30 years. Yes - typically in July or August each year, during which time they are unable to fly.As the parents grow older they learn from the experience of previous years. Yes, though the number of eggs laid each year tends to decrease with time. Breeding pairs do not moult at the same time as they, and any offspring, would be too vulnerable to attack.Both cygnets and full-grown swans are also the prey of foxes and mink.The nesting female has disappeared/been killed - should anything be done? The male will take over the nesting process and is quite capable of rearing the cygnets alone. People often worry that nesting females will starve to death when they have lost their mates as they are scared to leave their nests in search of food - this is incorrect.There's a swan's nest in a really vulnerable location - what can be done?

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Is it normal for a swan to sit on her eggs for longer than the normal 6 weeks? If she is still sitting on the eggs then she must be able to hear movement within the eggs.