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Surface 6 •Witt df •Prophecy 42 A Loohi'Within 46 Student Life •Behind The Scenes 84 Tacutty Above The Competition 98 Sports Under It Ad 148 Organizations Rising To The Surface 168 • Underclassmen •Behind The Buch. 188 Ads jix i J 2 I On behalf of the Class of 1995, the LOG would like to dedicate this book to Mr. Croston, who has played an important part in Melrose High School since 1958, and is retiring at the end of this year with our class. Croston was born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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It says so much about 2 people in a relationship and what happens when it ends but there is still a bond.... I love I'm yours, You & I both, Plane, Geek in the Pink...those stuff:) He puts me to sleep every.single.night. He continued to add particular character to the school, and in 1975 he be- came principal. Croston’s genuine love for his kids and his fair- ness and loyalty to his students and teachers are what made him so popular as a teacher, coach, and principal. From this, we have drawn the theme of our yearbook, which we feel best represents the true nature of the Class of 1995. It didn’t matter what the student had done, whether an innocent classroom prank in the ’60’s or a pulled-fire alarm in the ’90’s — if you were honest, he was there for you. Croston has been married to his wife, Dolores, for thirty-five years, and he has five children: Patrick, Christina, Timothy, Sean, and Kara. Although we may be a little rough around the edges, both our talent and diversity shine through when one looks “Beneath the Surface.” Under the shell of our undeserved reputation as trouble-makers lies the new generation: spir- ited, sophisticated, and determined. I just heard that it broke a Billboard Hot 100 record, how awesome is that! I watched an episode on a channel called Palladia that was about Jason Mraz telling his story. He is the singularly most talented artist in the world.

i know every single lyric to almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of his songs. i made a collage of him(: his music helps me get through anything. He sings about love and happiness and he brings joy in his fans` life...In 1952 he graduated from Hav- erhill High School, where he was a star in both track and football. He went on to Wake Forest University and continued his football career for the next four years. Croston attended Boston State College, where he completed his Masters Degree in Education. Been coming to these chat rooms for about 5 yrs now! I've been coming to teenchat since I was 13 Years old and Im 19 Now. Oh the Memories :) Great Place to meet some of the nicest people ever!