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Besides sending a few trifles to the bridegroom, in return for his splendid gifts, the parents of the bride, after ceremoniously burning their daughter's childish toys, (in token of her being " grown up "), provide a hand-some trousseau, and bestow upon her certain articles of household furniture, such as a spinning-wheel, a loom, and the necessary utensils for the kitchen.On the wedding-day the bridal equipment is conveyed in great state to the bridegroom's house, and there exhibited.Thus, although the Japanese girl is not subjected to the usual Oriental degradation of being actually or apparently purchased from her father by her husband, a handsome daughter is still considered as rather to the fortune of the family.The bride, however, is not transferred quite empty-handed to her new home.

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These boards showed the number of her lovers, and remained there till she took away that of the man whom she preferred.When the branch has been accepted, or if the respective parents have agreed to unite their children, a certain number of male friends of the bridegroom are appointed as marriage brokers.These persons meet and arrange the terms of the marriage contract ; and when they have agreed upon these, they carefully select two auspicious days, the first for an interview between the young people, the second for the actual ceremony.It is easy to conceive that, in such a country as Japan, a foreigner might frequently be invited to attend the formal ceremonies with which the bride is installed in her new home, without ever witnessing, or even hearing, of the religious ceremony. The men are all arrayed in their ceremonial dress, the women in their gayest gold-embroidered robes.

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