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I'm sala (or sara because some people can NEVER GET IT RIGHT cough cough JJ) and i'm from italy and my brother michele isn't online right now but he's also from italy obviously Sala sala: christophe is from switzerland and he speaks like four languages which is kinda cool Queen Yuuko: … In English, you have to make the first letter a capital. Yo Chris: you know americans dont say yo anymore right Chris: leo's fucking with you Chris: he's also fucking you but that's irrelevant Sala sala: christophe sta 'zitto smh you'll scare him. Gong Honk: mine is learnthehanzi because CHINAAAAA S-G: Not everyone is online. Chris: i can hear it all the way from ticino Sala sala: why are you in ticino dont you live in the french part Chris: long story S-G: *Ticino Chris: what did i even do wtf seung gil S-G: Ticino is a place. : mine is jsfcertified, if any of you wanted to know. im p sure youre older than fifteen so like) and the name was his first Yuuri!!! Meeeee-lah: see he's older than you by nine years Meeeee-lah: NINE YEARS. Gong Honk: also for the record i didn't know i was gay yet or at least i didn't want to Hispanic Meme: ok i feel u on that one #growingupcatholic PHI: leo that meme is irrelevant Hispanic Meme: Hispanic Meme: pls go laugh at him Gong Honk: WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS Meeeee-lah: guang hong what the fuck Sala sala: im screaming,, guang hong what the SHIT i was on tumblr in 2012 and i never saw anything that bad Gong Honk: i hate all of you 1. Hispanic Meme: hey so i have a question Hispanic Meme: so i was going through mickey's blog and Hispanic Meme: why does he hate sweden so much Sala sala: OH GOD YOULL UNLEASH THE MONSTERGabriela was ROBBED: anyone with sanity would hate sweden leo why don't you Sala sala: *monsters, i forgot about emil and im pretty sure hes dragged phichit into the void too Yuuri!!! nihon nihon Takakaka: viktor,,, have i ever told u i love u Vik Nik: yes, you say it all the time whenever i post a skating video Yuuri!!! Takakaka: DONT LISTEN TO HIM HES AMAZING Takakaka: LIKE LITERALLY HE SHOULD BE COMPETING Vik Nik: i'm 27 so its a little late for that lol Vik Nik: thank you though Vik Nik: wait isnt it like one in the morning in japan-land go the fuck to sleep Yuuri!!! phichit what the fuck is asiavision PHI: it's eurovision but asia and just on tumblr, i'm not telling you more until you explain yourself smh Hispanic Meme: Phichit will you shut up already about this shit no one wants to hear it we want to hear abt guang-hong's dark past Gong Honk: what u mean "dark past" u make it sound like i killed a man PHI: maybe u did… I am ready to die honestly it was hell and now I'm super tired.Edwards settled for second and lamented not pushing Busch harderafter the final restart with 37 laps remaining.Busch, Edwards and Johnson pulled away from the field, and Edwards had severalopportunities to move Busch's No. But Edwards, in a Ford for Roush Fenway Racing, figured he'dhave plenty of chances closer to the finish, so he tried for aclean pass as he and Busch raced side-by-side for several laps.Kyle Busch uses a broom as he celebrates winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn., Sunday, March 20, 2011.Busch won the Nationwide Series race Saturday, and has won the last five NASCAR races at Bristol. - The situation was perfect for Carl Edwards to issue some paybackon Kyle Busch.

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NASCAR called a competition caution at lap 50 on Sunday to checkthe new tires.Sala sala: cmon minami say fuck like a man Queen Yuuko: no, screw you. busy to be online Meeeee-lah: that means yuri too, of course Vik Nik: he'd say no anyway and you know it Queen Yuuko: true. Viktory: as the oldest i can tell michele to shut up Viktory: michele shut up PHI: the kitchen songs PHI: it's a singer? Hispanic Meme: he referred to otabek as his FRIEND.He probably would fanboy over you though i mean have you seen yourself skate Takakaka: thx for that rlly vague description babe Queen Yuuko: No takeshi this is pork cutlet bowl guy Takakaka: OOOOHHHHHHHHH HIM Minami: n O I AM NOT A MAN Minami: I AM FIFTEEN Meeeee-lah: ur a baby Minami: smh Takakaka: why do you bring him up though? the guy you're engaged to Takakaka: LEO HELP Takakaka: @Hispanic Meme WHATS THE WORD FOR IM GONNA MARRY YUUKO Vik Nik: So you want to add this kid? I don't think Yuri knows how to chill Queen Yuuko: So can I add him? Alright i'm adding him everyone play nice Chris: do I get a vote Queen Yuuko: no Queen Yuuko: and you're not allowed to hit on him Chris: ,,,,vas te faire encule Queen Yuuko: Takashi does that, no thanks Minami: YIKESYIKESYIKES i am a C H I L D Queen Yuuko: Ok so Yuuri, meet everyone. Otabek: i don't listen to kazakh music really PHI: WHYHispanic Meme: wait. Hispanic Meme: i think we're all missing something. Viktory: MY CHILD MADE A FRIEND YURIO IM SO PROUD OF YOU Otabek: they call you yurio? Gong Honk: YES YUURI PLEASE GO AND THEN YOU CAN SPAM US WITH PICTURES AND TALK ABOUT IF YUUKO IS AS AWESOME IN REAL LIFE AS SHE IS ONLINE Viktory: where's everyone else?Theracing at the start of each restart was intense, but Buschconsistently pulled away from Edwards to prevent any real challengefor the win."I was trying to drive away from him so he wouldn't have theopportunity to get to me," Busch said of his strategy with Edwards."When he got to me that one time, I'm like `Oh, man. He's now won five Cup races at Bristol, which ties him witholder-brother Kurt in NASCAR's top series, and has 11 victoriesspanning the three national series.

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