Dating a rolex watch

17-Jun-2018 22:55

This brings us nicely to our subject, an 8305-8030 Seikomatic-R, dating from October 1966.

This particular model was released as part of a drive by Seiko to expand its Seikomatic range into the business market.

However, that perspective fails rather to take account of a number of sophisticated, beautifully designed calibres sitting left of field, one notable example being the svelt 83 series automatic, which made its entrance as early as 1963.

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Closer inspection of the channel around the dial adjacent to the crown reveals a helpfully dimpled tab.

The relative lack of wear to the case is evidenced by the presence still of the crisply embossed dolphin, there to trumpet the water proof credentials of the watch.

The advantages offered to water resistance in the unibody case are offset to an extent by the resulting obstacle it presents to the gaining of entry to the innards.

The first step is to remove the bezel surrounding the acrylic crystal, in the process revealing the inevitable build up of dirt and some corrosion beneath.

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The crystal is compression-fitted to the case, aided by the tension ring sitting around the inner circumference of the crystal.With the hands removed, the dial comes next, once the recessed screws gripping the dial feet have been loosened.The view provided of the calendar side yields no surprises; a conventional layout not dissimilar to that used on the 62 series.This lack of height was achieved by incorporating the autowinding mechanism into the main architecture of the movement, concealed beneath its own bridge at the same level as the train wheels.