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And also looks at two websites which your children should stay well clear of.Skype is a free piece of software which people download to their mobile phone, computer or tv to make calls, video calls and texts over the internet.The site does not ask for any details from users and allows anyone to begin chatting with others.While there is an age restriction of 13 on the site, the site has no way of verifying people’s ages.It allows users to make free calls to each other wherever they are in the world.

As with ordinary communications, there are fears that predators, scam merchants, people pretending to be somebody they are not etc, will try to take advantage or children on Skype.

It is used to chat to contacts in real time, in much the same way text messaging works, only Messenger is instantaneous.

There is also the option of being able to see the contact you are interacting with if both users have webcams.

Because of this, parents regularly face new challenges when trying to keep their children safe online.

Here, Webwise gives you the low-down on some of the other popular websites young people are using.One of the main appeals for oo Voo is it allows you to chat up to 12 people at once, anytime and anywhere.By default – oo Voo accounts are set for profiles to be public (anyone can view a users profile or contact them).Again, users can anonymously use the site and are not required to give any details.