Dating after cancer diagnosis

30-Sep-2018 02:03

In one survey, most people said that getting cancer was their number one fear.

So it’s understandable that receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be very daunting.

When you receive your cancer diagnosis, you may be given a number of options about your treatment.

This can mean having to make some complex decisions at an already stressful time.

Sometimes the people close to you don’t know how to react.

It may help to tell them whether you just need someone to listen, or to give you a hug, or to take some pressure off you by helping around the house.

Lots of people find that having a network of friends, family and support services helps them to cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis.

Talking to your friends and family can be difficult because you don’t want to upset them, but remember that they’ll want to support you.

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If you think you may be depressed, it’s important to speak to your doctor.Symptoms of depression include lasting feelings of sadness, losing interest in the things you used to enjoy, feeling constantly tired, having difficulty getting to sleep, loss of appetite and feeling that life is not worth living.Read more about the symptoms of depression when you have cancer (Macmillan Cancer Care).Maggie’s has an online centre where you can post your experiences and read other people’s stories. Many people find it easier to talk to someone over the phone.